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SSI Computer Diving                                                                                                                                 

Have you ever been standing at the dive site asking yourself how to correctly set your brand new computer or been on a dive and not know what that symbol means or why the alarm is going off?
A lot of scuba divers have been in this situation and would have done anything to avoid it.  Dive computers make scuba diving safer and easier, if you know how to set and use it correctly.
This is why the SSI Computer Diver Specialty is such an important course.  It is your chance to learn and understand diving computers.

Course Content:

  •  The equipment and preparation for computer dives
  •  Medical aspects of dives
  •  Dive computers in comparison to dive tables
  • Review of your computer and its functions


  •  Must be at least 10 years old
  •  Certified Open Water Diver or equivalent

What Do I Need:

  •  Personal Dive Computer 


  •  AquaTrec Classroom

Training Materials:

No online training or exam required. Currently this is no Digital Kit available for this program. You will have full access as soon as the Digital kit is available. 

Training Dives:

  •  Dives are not required for certification.

Class Fees:

  •  Total Cost for the class is $150
  •  Includes: Instruction, Instructor fees, Certification & Digital Certification Card

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